Surgical Uprighting of Teeth

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What is an impacted tooth?

  • Tooth that remains partially or entirely entrapped in the gum and bone

Why do I have an impacted tooth?

  • Hard bone structure
  • Baby teeth that did not fall out
  • Position/interference of other teeth and structures
  • Cysts and tumors
  • A jaw that is too small to accommodate all your teeth
  • Family history

What should I know about the surgical uprighting procedure?

  • Done at the same time as wisdom teeth extraction
  • Surrounding bone may be removed to help with guided movement of your tooth
  • The tooth is uprighted surgically with instruments
  • Depending on the treatment, a bracket with or without a chain can be bonded to the tooth

Reasons to consider surgically uprighting your tooth:

  • Keeping your own natural tooth
  • Eliminate the need for other dental procedures such as implant, crown and bridge treatments
  • To help with other dental treatment such as orthodontic braces

At Rouge River Oral Surgery, we provide:

  • Consultation and treatment plan based on your needs and goals
  • We work with your dentist or dental specialist so that you can achieve a result that best suits your situation
  • Deep sedation and general anesthesia
  • In-house x-rays including 3-D scans as needed