Corrective Jaw Surgery

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What is corrective jaw surgery, also known as Orthognathic Surgery?

  • Surgical movement of the upper and/or lower jaw and chin to improve an individual’s bite, function, and esthetics

  • This surgical procedure is combined with orthodontic treatment in order to prepare the jaws and teeth for the best potential outcome

Reasons to consider corrective jaw surgery:

  • Skeletal correction: sometimes, the upper and lower jaws are dramatically different in relation to one another (for example: size and position)

  • Bite correction: sometimes, the upper and lower teeth do not fit together as we would expect

  • To help when other dental treatments such as when orthodontic bracesĀ alone would not be enough to correct the bite/jaw conditionReasons to consider corrective jaw surgery:

At Rouge River Oral Surgery, we provide:

  • Consultation and treatment planning based on your surgical needs and goals

  • Regarding corrective jaw surgery, we work with other specialists (for example: Orthodontists and other Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons) so that you can achieve a result that best suits your situation

  • Surgical privileges at Mackenzie Health Hospital